AZURE - June 2019 - The Workspace Issue - Cover
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As the elevator doors slide open on the eighth floor of Toronto’s century-old Tower Automotive Building, the first glimpses of advertising agency Junction59’s new two-level office are revealed. In the lobby, trumpet-shaped concrete columns and terrazzo floors that date back to 1920 are juxtaposed with an oak tambour wall custom-designed by MSDS Studio, the Toronto firm behind the space’s look. Curving around the reception desk, the wall has a mid-century-modern vibe, yet the overall impression is surprisingly fresh. It’s reflective of the 1,114-square-metre project as a whole: As much as MSDS Studio nods to the histories of both Junction59 and the former industrial building it now occupies – the colour palette of earth tones, browns...

MSDS Studio Crafts a Contemporary Yet Classic Office for Junction59

Using unexpected bespoke elements, MSDS Studio carves out a modern home for a 60-year-old ad agency within a century-old building in Toronto