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A perennial leader in contemporary furniture, Nienkämper’s commitment to forward-looking design shines through in a series of thoughtful – and elegant – product debuts at NeoCon 2019. Targeting workplace comfort, wellbeing and collaboration, Nienkämper’s six new and expanded collections elevate any office environment with bespoke functionality and uncompromised beauty.

Gateway All-In-One is a natural addition to the uncommonly versatile Gateway Collection. The height-adjustable workstations and table configurations offer a consistent design aesthetic that lends a sense of unity to highly individualized workstations. Clean lines and carefully selected details create a modern, minimalist, and quietly luxurious look, while hidden storage adds even greater functionality to every workspace.

Gateway Height Adjustable Media Wall Table provides an adaptive platform that incorporates an upholstered screen for space division, auditory and visual privacy, and multi-media connectivity. At the touch of a button, the media wall deftly transforms meeting tables to create multimedia solutions for communication, presentations and interactive workspaces. Easily adapted for open plan working environments, touchdown spaces, meeting tables and break out areas alike, the installation can double as a simple and elegant acoustic screen when not in use.

Totally reconfigurable and scalable, Heartbeat is composed of three distinct seating elements: Straight, Concave, and Convex. Repositioning these three elements allows for the creation of a myriad of uniquely undulating configurations. Resembling a wave or a pulse, the shape and direction of the alternating seating keeps guests from being seated back to back, making it easier to spark casual interaction. Designed to facilitate conversation, Heartbeat suggests sharing a “heart to heart” with your fellow human being.

Hub is a family of seating with clean lines and carefully contoured shape. Featuring gently sloping arms and an integral lumbar support for exceptional comfort, hub is defined by an uncluttered design of soft geometric forms and pleasing proportions. With a wide seat and comfortable backrest, the Hub chair offers three striking base designs – each with their own distinct style.

Plexus quietly pushes the envelope of engineering innovation in design. An elegant base anchors the table with a sense of stability and material simplicity that belies its technological sophistication. While a wood base option allows for power and data connections via a discrete conduit to the floor, the innovative construction of the aluminum base option allows for integrated power solutions to be concealed through the internal chamber of the legs. Available in three base sizes, Plexus is ideal for executive boardrooms, conference rooms and small meetings rooms.

Belle is a statement piece with a unique profile that catches the eye in any setting. Resting on a contemporary swivel disc-base, Belle strikes a fine balance between declarative style and an contoured, organic shape that is striking yet uncomplicated. With proportions that feel at ease in any interior design, Belle is a perfect fit for places where floor space is at a premium.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Nienkamper.

Nienkämper Emphasizes Workplace Wellbeing at NeoCon 2019

At this year’s NeoCon, Nienkämper is raising the bar with six impressive new offerings that foster workplace wellbeing.

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